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Items for your Lab puppy 2018 - Truebred Labradors

Below are a few ideas about some of the various puppy products that are on the market. We hope these are of interest.

As you are probably aware, there are numerous dog products available, and we do not attempt to catalogue these here. Below are just a few suggestions.

Please note that the links should open in a new window or tab. These links and items are listed on eBay, so hopefully you can get them at a good price too!

Labrador puppy food
Royal Canin Labrador Junior food

                          of ceramic water bowl

Bowl for water: Water bowls. We use the ceramic bowls for puppies. These seem to help keep the water cool, and are a practical height. For larger/older dogs, probably something larger may be more practical. For older dogs we use stainless steel (never aluminium) cooking pots of about 16 – 18 litre capacity. During the warmer weather, dogs can consume a significant amount of water, and it is vital for their survival. We also find that by using large pots, the water generally remains cool. We never use the large pots for puppies, as they may get injured, drown, etc.   These stainless steel water trough also seem very good.

Bowl for feeding: Food bowls. Having tried various types, we stick with the stainless steel (never aluminium) bowls for feeding, and for numerous reasons, including that they are durable and easy to clean and sanitise.

Great dog toys:   Kong. We normally use the classic ‘wobbler’ shape, which is a bit like a bell shape. They come in red (standard) or black (harder). For adult dogs, we use the black Kongs.

Leads and leashes: Dog leads. For a young puppy, we suggest a light lead, probably not a choker or slip lead (unless you use it just for training and when supervised). For larger or older dogs, we use a wide lead (at least 2cm in width) as this helps you for when you are training etc.

Very handy digestion aid:
. I describe this as a quality probiotic, and it is in my opinion a product that is good to use regularly, and also to have on hand for those occasional tummy upsets etc. It is available as a powder or as a liquid, whichever you prefer.

Tablets for heartworm and intestinal worms:
. An excellent product that I use and recommend.

Tablets for heartworm:   
. The monthly tablets seem to be one of the better options. There are others (e.g. injections).

Treatment for intestinal worms:
. These are a great broad spectrum wormer, which we have found to be very good.

                        flea treatment

Treatment for fleas:   Bravecto is what I use for my Labradors. It is active for up to three months. As fleas can contribute to various health problems, they should be minimised/controlled. Normally only during the warmer months due they normally present as a real problem (depending on where you are).   There are different risks etc associated with the different products (including risks with not using any product) and you may wish to discuss these with your Vet etc.

Dogs beds Pet trampoline. We do not use these types of beds for puppies but find the older dogs love them (generally). We don’t use them with puppies as we try to reduce risks re hips and elbows being injured, especially while their bones and joints are developing.

Puppy beds: Example puppy bed.. This is an example of the type of low bedding I would probably use for a puppy. Individual circumstances may affect choices. Just bear in mind that whatever gets used, will probably also end up getting chewed. Also, for a puppy, I would be using something it is not too high that required them to have to jump up or down from, so that you try to reduce the risks to their hips and elbows.

Help with dog barking:   Anti bark collar. Everyone seems to know someone with a dog that barks too much! Sometimes these collars are helpful, sometimes they aren’t! But atleast they offer another option that some may find helpful. I prefer to consider them as one tool in the toolbox when trying to correct excessive barking. Of course, there can be a number of factors that are contributing to the barking, and these may need investigating.

Puppy and dog knowledge:
dog book
Health Book.
There are some great books available that can help with raising your puppy or dog, and this is one that we found helpful and practical.

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